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Residential Rates and Rules

Just like you manage your household budget, we make every effort to control our costs to keep our rates fair and reasonable. Every day, we work hard to identify ways to be more efficient and improve our productivity without sacrificing the safety and reliability of the electric service you need for security and comfort.

Your bill separates and identifies all components of your electricity costs and helps you see exactly where your charges come from. Our step-by-step guide can walk you through a sample bill of your itemized charges or you can review a typical bill for a WMECo residential customer.

The delivery charges on your bill are for costs associated with the services WMECo provides to you, including delivering the electricity to your home across our poles and wires, maintenance and operations of the distribution system, billing, meter reading, and customer support and service.

As a result of restructuring, electricity is purchased as a commodity on the competitive market. WMECo incurs these costs from the providers of service and passes them on to customers

Your current rate schedule is indicated at the top of your bill. All charges are per kilowatt hour (kWh) unless noted. In addition to rates for standard electric service, WMECo offers rates for customer who heat with electricity and monthly credits for customers willing to allow WMECo to control when their electric water heater operates. To better understand your rate and view other rate options, see WMECo's residential rate schedules.

The Supplier Service Detail section indicates the entity from whom you have chosen to purchase your electricity and the charges from this supplier (assuming you do not receive a separate bill from your supplier). If you have chosen WMECo, the provision of electricity is called Basic Service, and the rate is shown in the Summary of Electric Rates (PDF:19KB). Basic Service can be a fixed rate for six months or vary from month-to-month. You can choose either option. If you do not choose, you receive the fixed rate.

2015 Residential Basic Service
R1, R2, R3, R4 January February March April May June
Fixed Price 14.228 14.228 14.228 14.228 14.228 14.228
Variable Price 21.463 21.065 13.937 9.448 8.182 9.579

* Please note, approved Basic Service prices shown above include a Basic Service Adder of $0.00196 per kWh.

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