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Payment Assistance

We’re here to help.

Financial problems, illness or accidents can strike at any time making it difficult for you to make ends meet and sometimes impossible for you to pay your bills. We can help. We offer several payment assistance programs to give you a hand up.

  • Residential Discount Rate: WMECo offers a Residential Discount Rate for income eligible customers.
  • Financial Hardship: WMECo offers Financial Hardship assistance for income eligible customers.
  • Income Eligible Energy Efficiency Services: We’ve partnered with Community Action Agencies across the state to connect you with help regardless of how you heat your home.
  • NUStart: NUStart can reduce your monthly payments, and help you pay off your outstanding balance.
  • Budget Billing: Takes the surprise out of your payments. By creating a level payment no matter the season, you have a hassle-free way to manage your monthly budget.
  • LIHEAP: (Fuel Assistance) This federally-funded program can help you stay warm in the winter.
  • Good Neighbor Energy Fund: Funded in part by WMECo and our customers, the Good Neighbor Energy Fund helps customers in temporary crisis who do not qualify for federal or state energy funds.
  • Make a Payment Arrangement: We’ll work with you to create a payment plan that’s right for you.