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Telephone AMR (Phone AMR) Metering

This meter, which connects to a dedicated telephone line, enables WMECo to remotely read and collect your monthly billing determinates. The meter can also record hourly load profile - in intervals of 15 minutes. This data is used for daily ISO New England Settlement Reporting. See diagrams labeled Phone AMR Meter Installation (PDF:12KB) and Meter Interface Enclosure (PDF:23KB). For more information, see Fee Schedule (PDF:33KB). To request this option, complete the Metering Equipment Request Form.

This option allows customers or energy suppliers:

  • to choose their billing cycle or specific monthly billing date (i.e.: first day of the month, end of the month, 15th of each month or some other monthly schedule).
  • the choice of "MData Online."

To obtain this service, customers or energy suppliers must provide a dedicated, direct-dialed and analog-type telephone line, as well as an RJ-11 jack, situated within 3 inches of the meter socket. Even if there is more than one meter, only one phone line is typically required, and there is a five meter maximum per phone line. For more information, see diagram labeled Phone AMR Meter Installation.

For an agreed-upon fee, WMECo acquires, owns, installs and maintains the appropriate telephone access recording meter (phone AMR meter) and a meter interface enclosure.

  • WMECo relocates the RJ-11 telephone jack to be within the interface enclosure at the time of installation.
  • The telephone line must be in working order with an assigned telephone number written legibly on the RJ-11 jack.
  • This telephone number must be given to WMECo before a Phone AMR meter is installed.

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