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How do suppliers base their bids?
 Suppliers set their bid prices based on natural gas because in New England, gas-fired power plants are typically the most expensive units to operate and, under ISO New England rules, the highest-cost plant sets the market price that all suppliers receive for their services. Supply and demand, and weather disruptions, such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, threats of terrorism and other external factors, all impact the cost of fuel, which impacts the price suppliers will bid.
Why would a customer want Phone AMR?
 The advantages for receiving our Phone AMR service are many:

  • A smart Phone Automatic Meter Reading electric meter that records and measures Time-of-Day, kWh, and kW will be installed to help monitor your electric loads. WMECO’s distribution company Phone Automatic Meter Reading recording meters are programmed for 15-minute interval recording.
  • Optional low-cost, dry-contact, two-wire kWh "Load Pulses" that are proportional to electric use are provided from the Phone Automatic Meter Reading meter for an Energy Management System or other devices. See Fee Schedules and Load Pulse Outputs.

Choose your own scheduled monthly reading date to coincide with your financial and/or operating needs. For example, you could choose the first day of the month, the end of month, the 15th of each month or other day that meets your operational and financial needs.

Summary billing customers can have all Phone Automatic Meter Reading meters read on the same day to enhance monitoring of their facilities energy usage over the same operating period.

Who qualifies for Phone AMR?
 All customers or energy suppliers are offered Phone AMR service if a dedicated, analog, direct-dial telephone line is provided to the distribution company meter. For multiple meter locations, a separate phone line is required at each meter.
What is Phone AMR?
 Phone Automatic Meter Reading (Phone AMR) is a service provided by WMECO where an electronic billing and recording meter is installed that can be remotely read for billing through a direct telephone connection.