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Bill's Bright Ideas: Start the Heating Season off Right

Start the Heating Season off Right.

The typical Massachusetts household could spend as much as $3,000 to heat their home this winter. Unfortunately, in many older homes, much of that heat finds its way outdoors.

There several steps you and your family can take to reduce your heating bills this year – in some cases by as much as 20 percent. And when you schedule a no-cost home energy assessment, you’ll discover how you can start saving right away.

Sealing air leaks can significantly reduce your heating bills, while increasing the comfort in your home during cool fall evenings and winter cold snaps. Heat loss occurs as warm air rises and exits the house through gaps around the chimney or attic, at the same time drawing in cold outside air through cracks in the basement and foundation.

When you schedule a no-cost home energy assessment our experts will do an attic-to-basement inspection of your home and, where possible, seal air leaks on the spot. They will also guide you to programs that offer efficiency upgrade incentives, like the zero-interest Mass Save Residential Heat Loan Program.

Through the HEAT loan program, residential customers opting to upgrade their heating systems are eligible to apply for zero-percent loans up to $25,000 with terms up to seven years. The zero-percent loan can also help when installing several other qualified energy-efficient improvements, such as insulation and new windows.

There are now more ways you can maximize your energy savings. For a limited time new options are eligible to be included in a 0 percent HEAT Loan with participating lenders. Whether your interest is in heating with renewable fuel, maximizing weatherization upgrades or expanding the scope of your energy-saving projects in a 2 to 4 family building, these options are available to help.

Also there are significant rebate and incentive programs that will save you money reducing your heating and hot water costs by replacing your old furnace or boiler with high efficiency equipment – and take advantage of generous rebates. Also check out WMECo’s Energy Efficiency tips to help you save money and the environment through the heating season.

Next month, we’ll explore more energy efficient ways to save money, the environment and keep your home comfortable this winter.