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Bill's Bright Ideas: Ensuring A Brighter Future

Ensuring a Brighter Future.

Using energy efficiently is more important than ever to our communities, households and planet. Whether it’s explaining the importance of flipping a switch when leaving a room or sharing the benefits of turning off the faucet when brushing our teeth, teaching today’s students about preserving natural resources ensures a brighter future for all.

We at WMECo know teachers possess the power to enlighten students and play a critical role in helping them learn to use energy responsibly. We also know that any worthwhile effort requires commitment and resources.

As part of our e-SMARTkids program, WMECo is offering educators grade-appropriate books, teacher’s guides, videos and curriculum based games at no cost. All materials address key points and meet National Education Standards.

Households aren’t the only places people are trying to save on their energy bills. In fact, most schools spend more money on energy than on computers and textbooks combined! So keeping down the energy costs is a high priority in most school systems.

As parents, we know what happens in the classroom is usually brought back home. So if students are learning to reduce energy use in the classroom, chances are those little hands are more likely to shut off the lights at home.

From making sure books and furniture aren’t blocking the vents in a classroom, to encouraging students to keep doors and windows closed when the heat or air conditioning is running, energy efficient habits benefit all of our environments.

How about this for a bright idea? Through WMECo’s “Change a Light, Change the World” fundraiser, students can spread the word on energy conservation while raising much needed funds for their schools.

WMECo provides all of the energy efficient light bulbs and advanced power strips to be sold by the students – at no cost. So schools keep 100 percent of the money collected from the fundraiser.

Here in Western Massachusetts the program has had great success. Just last year the top-five selling schools earned close to $22,000, with the top-earner raising close to $7,000.

To find out more about WMECo’s “Change a Light, Change the World” fundraiser call 860-993-0714 or visit WMECo’s Energy Efficiency section. In my next column, I’ll discuss tightening up your home for the coming heating season.