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Special Medical Needs Page

Medical Alert

To some, storms are not just an inconvenience - they may be life threatening. Our Medical Alert system helps customers who may be dependent upon electrically operated life-support equipment. We will specially code your account and contact you if we become aware of a significant storm that may cause power outages. We cannot guarantee uninterrupted service, but we can help you better prepare.

Call our Customer Service Center at 781-4600 (within the Springfield calling area) or 877-OK-WMECO (877-659-6326) (outside of the Springfield calling area) for more information or to enroll or send us an email (link to contact us form) with the type of equipment you use.

We also encourage you to have a back-up plan in the event your service is interrupted.
  • Have an alternate source of electric power on hand, such as a battery backup system, an uninterruptible power supply or a properly installed generator.
  • Make sure your alternate power source will sustain you for up to 7 days.
  • Keep emergency telephone numbers handy, including your doctor, police, fire and ambulance service.
  • Keep a fully-charged cell phone on hand. You may lose phone service, and many cordless phones do not work during power outages.
  • Make arrangements to leave your house in the event of a lengthy outage.
  • Have a battery-powered radio or television available to keep abreast of changing conditions.

Hearing Impaired

Storms can not only cause interruptions to your electric service but could affect telephone service. If you are hearing impaired and rely on special communications equipment for telephone access like TTY or TDD service, we can help you better prepare for impending weather. We will contact someone you designate if we know that bad weather is coming that may cause power outages. We will specially code your account to ensure careful handling throughout the year.

To enroll, simply contact us using our TTY system at 1-800-439-2370 or send us an email.