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Preparing For A Storm

Snow, ice, high winds and severe storms can cause damage that can lead to power outages. Depending on the destruction, it will take time for us to restore your power.

With the first signs of an approaching hurricane or winter storm, please make sure WMECo has your up-to-date contact information, so we can get in touch before, during and after the storm.

Advance planning is important for everyone and can help you cope a little easier.

  • Have an emergency kit always available. The kit should include:
    • a flashlight with spare batteries
    • chemical light sticks
    • a battery-operated radio and clock
    • first-aid kit
    • canned, freeze-dried or dehydrated food
    • a manual can opener
    • bottled water
    • blankets
    • baby supplies
    • important phone numbers
    • cash (ATMs may not be operating)
    • and other specialty items, such as prescription medication
  • If you or a family member depend on life support medical equipment, make sure you have an emergency battery back-up system.
  • Stay abreast of the current weather conditions, and know what the various weather advisories mean and when you should begin your storm preparations.
  • Keep a standard phone handy and learn to open your garage door manually. Many cordless phones and automatic garage door openers only work with electricity.
  • If you have a laptop or cell phone, keep them fully charged so you will have alternate ways to communicate.
  • Make sure you have a plan on how to feed your family in the event of a prolonged power outage. If outages are widespread or travel is dangerous, restaurants may not be available. For extended power outages, plan for alternate lodging.
  • Turn your refrigerator to the coldest setting. Food in a full freezer will generally keep for two days.
  • Keep your car's gas tank full in the event you need to relocate during or after a storm.
  • Contact your city or town to learn where temporary shelters may be established during an emergency.