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WMECo News Releases

For the latest news on WMECo, we have made our news releases available to the public to help keep them abreast on the issues surrounding our company. Topics include safety, electrical rates and energy-saving tips, as well as programs we offer and environmental issues we support.
 12/11/2014WMECo and NSTAR Crews Headed to Help Restore Power in Vermont
 11/25/2014WMECo is Ready for Pre-Thanksgiving Storm
 11/14/2014WMECo Files New Six-Month Supply Rate
 10/15/2014WMECo Suggests Energy Efficiency as First Line of Defense Against this Winter’s Rising Rates
 09/29/2014 More Accolades for Northeast Utilities’ Greater Springfield Reliability Project
 09/17/2014Greater Springfield Reliability Project Named Best Energy Project in New England
 09/09/2014September is National Preparedness Month – WMECo is Ready, Are You?
 09/05/2014WMECo Schedules Aerial Inspections of Western Mass Transmission Lines
 08/26/2014WMECo Brings No-Cost Energy Efficiency Upgrades to Pittsfield’s Small Businesses
 08/11/2014WMECo Project Will Improve Electric Service Reliability in Ludlow
 07/03/2014WMECo Customers Seeing Slight Rate Decrease
 06/26/2014WMECo Upgrades Grid to Better Withstand Storms
 06/24/2014WMECo’s Third Solar Plant Now Generating Clean, Green Power
 06/23/2014WMECo Unveils the Company’s Newest and Largest Solar Plant
 06/11/2014WMECo Prepares Electric System for Summer Spikes, Seasonal Storms
 06/10/2014WMECo Brings No-Cost Energy Efficiency Upgrades to Springfield's Mom & Pop Businesses
 06/09/2014WMECo Brings No-Cost Energy Efficiency Upgrades to Springfield's Small Downtown Businesses
 05/21/2014WMECO & UMass Amherst Sign MOU Cementing Energy Efficiency Partnership
 05/14/2014Scammers Continue to Target Local Utility Customers
 04/22/2014WMECo’s “Right Tree in the Right Place” Initiative Takes Root
 04/21/2014WMECo Partners with ReGreen Springfield to Replace Neighborhood Trees
 04/07/2014WMECo Gives Greenfield’s Mom & Pop Shops a Great Deal
 03/31/2014WMECo Starts Springtime Aerial Inspection of Transmission Lines
 03/28/2014 WMECo Helps Schools Earn Money While Promoting Energy Efficiency
 03/27/2014WMECo’s Light Bulb Fundraiser Promotes Energy Efficiency
 03/24/2014Northeast Utilities Names New Vice President of Engineering in Massachusetts
 03/17/2014WMECo Urges Customers to Celebrate Green this St. Patrick’s Day
 02/26/2014Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund Available for Qualified Candidates
 02/12/2014WMECo Ready for Latest Winter Storm
 02/04/2014WMECo Ready for Latest Winter Storm
 12/29/2005WMECO Offers Tips To Safely Operate Home Generators
 12/08/2005WMECO Educates Customers On Dangers, Costs Of Space Heaters
 12/07/2005Electricity Supply Rates For WMECO Customers To Reflect Higher Fuel Prices
 11/23/2005WMECO Conducts Aerial Inspections Nov. 28 – Dec. 5
 11/18/2005WMECO Offers Ways To Keep Holidays Shining Despite Rising Energy Costs
 11/16/2005WMECO Offers Valuable Tips To Keep Kids Safe From Electrical Hazards
 11/14/2005WMECO Crews Supporting Hurricane Wilma Recovery En Route Home
 11/03/2005Media Advisory: WMECO Conducts Aerial Inspections
 11/03/2005WMECO Programs, Conservation Tips Give Customers Options To Cut Heating Costs
 12/13/2004WMECO Extends Commitment to Good Neighbor Energy Fund
 12/08/2004Sun, Temperature Reduces Threat for Power Outages in Hilltowns
 12/08/2004WMECO Prepares for Heavy Winds Combined With Significant Overnight Icing
 12/02/2004Update #3 - Power Restored to Nearly 90% of Customers Affected by Severe Winds
 12/01/2004Update #1 - Western Massachusetts Sustaining Severe Winds
 12/01/2004Update #2 - Western Massachusetts Sustaining Severe Winds
 11/30/2004MIEDA ADVISORY: Congressman Olver Visits Franklin Community Action Corporation to Kick Off Energy Bucks and Launch Fuel Assistance Program
 12/30/2003WMECO Default Service Customers to See 12% Rate Decrease
 12/22/2003WMECO Urges Caution When Using Space Heaters or Generators
 12/15/2003Update #4 - All WMECO Customers Restored
 12/05/2003WMECO Prepared for First Significant Snowfall
 11/26/2003WMECO Offers Tips to Keep Holidays Bright and Safe
 11/20/2003Aerial Patrols to be Conducted
 11/15/2003WMECO Restoration Efforts Complete
 11/15/2003WMECO Restoration Efforts Topping 80% Customers Restored 6:30 a.m. Update
 11/15/2003WMECO Restoration Efforts Continue - Additional Damage Being Uncovered - 5:30 p.m. Update
 12/30/2002WMECO Aerial Patrols to Inspect Transmission Lines
 12/24/2002WMECO Ready for Potential Christmas Day Storm
 11/26/2002WMECO To Sponsor Discussion on Future of Economic Development
 11/20/2002All WMECO Customers Fully Restored
 11/18/2002WMECO Continues to Experience Outages in Service Territory
 11/14/2002WMECO Customers Protected From Shutoff During Winter Months
 10/30/2002WMECO Customers to Shop for Electricity
 10/17/2002WMECO Aerial Patrols to Inspect Transmission Lines
 10/01/2002WMECO To Host Workspace Lighting Seminar