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Customer Service Upgrade FAQs

Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECo) and Northeast Utilities (NU) are pleased to announce a state-of-the-art upgrade of our customer information and billing system to ensure a continued customer service experience remembered for friendly, fast and accurate assistance.

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1. How does the installation of WMECO’s new customer information and billing system benefit me?
2. Why was this system developed?
3. Has the new customer information and billing system been installed?
4. Will I be charged a late fee if my WMECO payment was due during the installation period and it was not posted to my account by the due date?
5. Will the hours of operation change?
6. Where do I turn for additional information about my WMECO bill and my account?
7. Why is my account number changing?
8. When will I see my new account number?
9. Can I keep my same account number?
10. When will I get my first reformatted bill?
11. What changes will I see with my reformatted bill?
12. Do I have to do anything regarding my new account number?
13. I pay my bill through my bank’s online bill payment service. Do I need to inform my bank of my new 11-digit account number?
14. What happens if I don’t tell my bank my new account number? Will my bill be processed and my payment accepted?
15. If I pay my bill online at, what happens if I use my old account number?
16. If I try to pay my bill online and the system doesn’t match my old account number to my new 11-digit account number, what should I do?
17. Do I send my payment to the same WMECO address?
18. I’m on WMECO’s Budget Billing program now – will it be changing?
19. How can I sign up for Budget Billing?
20. What is Direct Debit and how do I enroll?
21. What is eBilling and how do I enroll?
22. As a WMECO customer, what services will be available to me via the Web and automated telephone system?
23. Can I donate more than $1 a month to Good Neighbor Energy Fund?