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Who Owns What

Understanding your connection to our system can help speed restoration or the installation of new or upgraded service.

WMECo is responsible for repairing or replacing the service wire which connects our electric distribution system on the street to your home. We will repair or replace this wire as needed at no charge to you, as well as detach and reattach it or cover it so that you or your contractor can safely perform work on your home, such as adding siding or painting. WMECo will also trim any trees which are directly and consistently contacting the service wire.

WMECo is also responsible for the electric meter. If your meter is damaged or not functioning properly, we will repair or replace it for free.

The meter box which houses the electric meter, the cable which runs from the meter to the top of your home, all associated hardware, and all electric components inside your home (including the circuit panel and breakers) are your responsibility. A qualified electrician can make repairs or replace equipment if damaged. Should a storm damage your equipment and disrupt your power, you will be responsible for making necessary repairs before power can be restored.

Who Owns What