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Our Commitment to a Cleaner Environment

As an energy delivery company, WMECo has an important role in contributing to a cleaner environment.  The leadership of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and his administration has helped to shape this role, particularly through the enactment of the Green Communities Act of 2008.

The Green Communities Act effected a landmark change, enabling WMECo to offer an array of programs and services that help our customers contribute to cleaner communities in Massachusetts.

Energy Efficiency
On a combined basis for 2010 and 2011, programs offered by WMECo are helping our electric customers save over 1 billion kWh over the life of energy efficiency measures installed.  This equates to approximately $200 million in energy savings and other related benefits to consumers over the life of these measures.

Renewable Power Procurement 
To help reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the generation of electricity, WMECo purchases electricity made from renewable energy sources from suppliers to deliver to homes and businesses in the Commonwealth.  

Northern Pass
WMECo, parent company Northeast Utilities, and Hydro Quebec are working on a proposed transmission project that would bring reliable, competitively priced, clean energy (predominantly hydropower) from Quebec into New England.  The project is currently in the planning and permitting stages.

New laws encourage customers to explore sources of renewable energy like solar panels and windmills, which can be connected to WMECo’s electric system, adding renewable power to the system.  Customers who produce more power than they need receive a credit.  WMECo has seen an increasing amount of customers applying for interconnections; since 2008 we’ve helped over 630 customers connect cleaner resources to our system.

Electric Vehicles
WMECo is proud to say that under parent company Northeast Utilities, we are one of the founding members of the Regional Electric Vehicle Initiative (REVI).  REVI works to advance the Northeast region’s understanding of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) and the charging infrastructure that supports them.

In 2011, WMECo partnered with customers in a pilot for the Pioneer Valley’s first charging station for electric vehicles.  And WMECo remains at the ready to support further development of EVs in the region to help reduce CO2 emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.

Commitment to Service
Understanding how critical a safe and reliable electric system is to the communities we serve, we continue to invest in the infrastructure that delivers electricity to customers.  We constantly monitor the performance of our systems for safety and reliability and remain committed to our mission of providing great service to our customers and communities.