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We all use energy every day of our lives. Energy is all around us. Energy makes electricity so we can turn on lights, watch television, listen to the radio and run refrigerators, stoves, other appliances and electrical gadgets at home and at work. Energy lets us make all kinds of things like shoes, CD's, books, computers and scooters. Over time we have learned to get energy from a number of different sources and use it in new and different ways.
  • For Home: Looking at ways to have a more efficient home, while saving money.
  • For Business: Learn how your company can be more efficient, reduce cost and manage your energy usage.
  • Competitive Supply: View the publications that accompany your bill.
  • Renewable Energy: Protecting our environment is everyone’s responsibility. See how WMECo is working hard for your future.
  • Vegetation Management: Giving you an understanding of how and why we prune and remove trees.
  • Report Energy Theft: Energy theft affects everyone’s bottom line just as shoplifters drive up the price of merchandise. If you suspect it, report it.