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Enrollment is easy. Once you have chosen a supplier and entered into a contract, the supplier will make all the necessary arrangements for you. The change takes effect on the date of your next meter reading.

Once enrolled, you will notice the change in the Supplier Services Detail section of your bill. You may also receive a separate bill for your supplier charges depending upon the supplier you choose (just as you might get one bill from our local phone company and another from your long distance phone company)

While you may be purchasing your electricity from a company other than WMECo, we will continue to deliver the electricity to you and you will continue to contact us in the event of a power outage and to answer any questions you may have about our delivery services. Questions about your supply or charges appearing in the Supplier Services Detail section of you bill should be directed to your supplier.

A supplier may not switch you to its services without either a written letter of authorization signed by you or an oral statement to an independent third party, such as a separate verification company. If you believe you were switched without approval, contact the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities at 800-392-6066.

If you decide to stay with WMECo as your supplier, you do not need to do anything.