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Choosing a Supplier

Before you head out to "shop," here's what you will need when comparing your options and prices to see if a competitive supplier is right for you.
  • Price to compare.
    The price you want to compare against other suppliers is the price per kilowatt hour you would pay if you did not choose a competitive supplier - Basic Service. Basic Service is set at a Fixed Rate (the same price for a set period of time) or Variable Rate (a rate which fluctuates on a monthly basis). To find out what rate for electric supply you are currently paying, look under the Supplier Services Detail section of your bill. If you are on a Variable Rate, it may be helpful to compare the monthly rates. View Summary of Electric Rates (PDF:19KB).

  • Average usage.
    You also want to have handy the average amount of electricity you use in a month. The Energy Profile printed on your monthly bill details this usage.

  • Licensed suppliers. Our list (PDF:13KB) includes the contact information for the suppliers serving WMECo customers. Be assured that Massachusetts requires all suppliers be licensed in the state.

  • Our simple checklist (PDF:27KB) so you can easily compare suppliers.
These tips are also helpful when comparison shopping.
  • Put everything in writing.
  • Ask to see the supplier's bill so you can make sure you can read it and understand it.
  • Always consider more than one offer.
  • Ask for and check references.
  • Make sure you read and understand the fine print in the supplier's contract. Do not hesitate to ask someone else to read it as well so you fully understand the obligations on your part and on the supplier's part.
WMECO Green Options is a program that supports environmentally friendly renewable resources from wind, solar and more.

    If you are a WMECO customer, you can participate. There are no restrictions on participation regardless of your choice of energy supplier.

    By selecting a clean energy offering from one of the independent participating renewable energy company, you are supporting the development of renewable energy and making a difference for Massachusett’s environment and future generations.

New Choice for Clean Energy

    To sign up, contact Mass Energy Consumers Alliance.

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