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Storm Response Updates

This section is updated during times of severe weather when WMECo is experiencing significant outages.
02/09/2013   WMECo Deploying Crews to Help Hard-hit Southeastern Mass
02/07/2013   WMECo Readies for Nor’easter
11/06/2012   WMECO Urges Customers to Prepare for Nor'easter
11/01/2012   WMECo Restores Power to 52,000 Customers in 48 Hours
10/31/2012   WMECo Power Restoration Nears Completion
10/28/2012   Hurricane Sandy - WMECo Update
10/26/2012   As Sandy Moves North, WMECo Is Ramping-up and Reminding the Public to be Ready for Possible Power Outages
11/06/2011   Restoration Work Taking Longer than Expected to Complete
11/06/2011   WMECo Completes Historic Restoration
11/04/2011   Nearly 500 Crews to Restore Last 38,000 Customers
11/03/2011   WMECo Still on Track to Meet 99% Restoration Projections
11/02/2011    Resources Increased Seven-fold for Restoration to WMECo Customers
11/01/2011   60,000 WMECo Customers Restored After Day Two
10/31/2011   WMECo Makes Overnight Progress, Urges Customers to Stay Safe
10/30/2011   WMECo Continues Damage Assessment, High Priority Restorations in the Wake of Historic Nor’easter
10/29/2011   WMECo Continues Preparations for Winter Storm
08/30/2011   WMECo Completes Restoration
08/29/2011   High Winds Cause Additional System Damage
08/28/2011   WMECo Begins Restoration Activities
08/28/2011   WMECo Makes Significant Progress in Storm Restoration
08/27/2011   WMECo Continues Preparation for Hurricane Irene
06/10/2011   Crews Make Good Restoration Progress Overnight Most WMECo Customers Should Have Service by Friday Evening
06/10/2011   Crews Continue Restoration Progress Outages down to 1,500
06/09/2011   Severe Thunderstorms Knock out Power to 20,000+ Customers
06/05/2011   Crews Complete Massive Restoration, Rebuilding
06/03/2011   Crews Make Continuing Progress in Restoring Power WMECo customer outages down to 3,500
06/02/2011   Crews Continue Work to Rebuild Electric System in Storm Damaged Springfield Neighborhoods
06/01/2011   Severe Thunderstorms and Tornado Knocks out Power to 12,000+ Customers
06/01/2011   Crews Working through the Night to Restore Power to 17,000 WMECo Customers
01/17/2011   WMECO Prepares for Winter Weather
09/02/2010   As Hurricane Earl Approaches, WMECo is Prepared
05/28/2010   Crews Make Good Progress Restoring Power
05/28/2010   Power Restored to Most WMECo Customers
05/27/2010   Fast-moving Thunderstorm Knocks out Power to 27,000+ Customers
05/27/2010   Crews Work to Restore Power to 31,000 WMECo Customers
05/04/2010   Fast-moving Thunderstorm Knocks out Power to 22,000+ Customers
02/25/2010   WMECo Crews Continue Power Restoration
02/24/2010   WMECo Continues Power Restoration
06/18/2009   WMECO Encourages Customers to be Prepared for Summer Storms
01/07/2009   WMECO Prepared for Ice Storm and Possible Outages
12/20/2008   WMECO Completes Power Restoration
12/19/2008   Heavy Snowfall Today Could Slow Progress; More Than 300 Crews Remain on the Job
12/18/2008   Power Restoration Continues; More Than 300 Crews Remain on the Job
12/17/2008   Power Restoration Continues; More Than 300 Crews Remain on the Job
12/16/2008   Power Restoration Continues; More Than 300 Crews on the Job
12/15/2008   Crews Continue Restoration; Temperatures Warming, Creating Potential New Difficulties
12/14/2008   Crews Continue Steady Progress; Conditions Extremely Difficult
12/13/2008   Crews Make Steady Progress
12/12/2008   Thousands Without Power After Ice Storm
12/12/2008   WMECO Crews Work Around the Clock to Continue Restoration
12/11/2008   WMECO Prepares for Potential Ice Storm
02/15/2008   Crews Make Steady Progress Restoring Power