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Security Lighting

Outdoor security lighting offers you peace of mind and keeps you, your family, your co-workers and your customers safe and secure. A simple bright light on a dark driveway or a complex system surrounding your home can keep accidents at bay while deterring crime and improve the appearance and value of your home or business.

Picking a fixture

Light fixtures come with a variety of energy-efficient, reliable and easy-to-use options - from timers which automatically turn lights on, sensors which activate when motion is detected, or lights which illuminate from dusk to dawn. Visit our online Lighting Catalog from the comfort of your home and purchase a variety of ENERGY STAR® lights and fixtures at reduce prices, well below the suggested manufacturer's retail price. WMECo also offers several decorative lamps (PDF:702KB) to brighten your business.

Installing security lighting

Consider these factors when installing outdoor lights:

  • Twin flood lights work best to light a large area. Using standard halogen or incandescent bulbs, install these lights at or above roof level and point them towards the perimeter of your property.
  • Halogen lights are most effective in a smaller area. Mount them overhead to focus them light downward and outward.
  • Entryway lighting should be installed around yards and entryways, and decorative fixtures can double as security lighting.
  • Watch for shadows cast by trees and bushes where intruders could hide and direct lighting in these areas.
  • Install a spotlight on the outside of your home above the garage to keep intruders away as you drive up and open the garage door.
  • Motion detectors are a convenient and efficient way to turn on/off your outdoor lights, and make it virtually impossible for anyone to sneak up on your home.
  • Adequate walkway or porch lighting can also prevent accidents on steps or uneven surfaces.
  • Use lights with ample wattage to light up even the farthest corner of your property.
  • Make sure lights near the street are facing inward so they don't interfere with drivers or cause a glare on the road.
  • Remember: Use a licensed, qualified electrician to install your outdoor security lighting to keep you out of harm's way.

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