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Outdoor Electrical Safety

With homes being burglarized every 10 seconds in America, home security is an important aspect of your home. We believe creating a safer home environment starts with outdoor security lighting, which can be as simple as a bright light on an otherwise dark and secluded driveway, or as complex as an automated system for an entire home perimeter.
  • Light areas that you may need to frequent at night. Look for danger points like steps or uneven walking surfaces. For example, the path to an outside workshop or firewood storage shed.
  • Always provide sufficient lighting at all doors, windows and other openings to your house, denying the cover of darkness to an intruder.
  • Light the front of your property. This makes a statement to individuals who might be considering breaking in. You might also encourage your neighbors to do so as well. A well-lit neighborhood is a deterrent to crime.
  • Lights with motion detectors are a convenient and efficient source for outdoor security lighting. Well-positioned motion detectors make it virtually impossible for anyone to sneak up on a person's home.
Along with keeping your home well lit at night for the safety of your family, we also suggest these other helpful tips.
  • Install large numbers on your home, making it easier for the police to locate your home.
  • If you're planning on being away for any length of time, have the post office hold your mail and stop delivery of newspapers, as well as leave your shades and curtains open as you would normally and have several indoor lights on timers, making it appear you are home.
  • Use a deadbolt lock with a throw bolt that extends at least one inch into the door frame.
  • Be sure your exterior door is solid core wood or steel, and have a peephole installed.
  • Never open the doors to strangers and always ask for identification.
  • Secure a sliding door by placing a solid strip of wood in the crack of the closed door.