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Sometimes life can take you down a road with unexpected financial curves. So we'd like to help give you a new start.

WMECo's NUStart program may be a great opportunity to eliminate your outstanding balance in as little as 12 months. If you make on-time payments, we'll make up the difference.

If you qualify for the NUStart program, you will:

  • Continue to receive year-round electric service as long as you make your budgeted payments on time each month.
  • Have your past-due balance removed from your bill, over time. With each month's budget payment, you receive a credit toward the overdue amount of your bill.
  • Find your NUStart budget helps you better plan your monthly electric payments.
  • Learn about energy conservation steps you can take to better control the amount of electricity you use.

Customers eligible for the NUStart program will:

  • Have applied for and be eligible to receive energy assistance funds
  • Have a past-due balance of $100 or more on a WMECo bill that is at least 60 days overdue.
  • Have income at or below 60 percent of the state median income (PDF:20KB).

To remain in the NUStart program, you are required to make all budgeted monthly payments, in full and on time. If you move to another address, please contact the NUStart team immediately at 877-659-6326 to update your account and maintain your program status.

To enroll in NUStart, call us today at 877-963-2632.

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