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Who can apply for a Community Investment grant?

WMECo provides community investment grants to local organizations undertaking projects in these priority areas:

  • economic and community development
    We partner with local, state, and regional efforts to promote the economy and create jobs in the communities we serve. This includes a special emphasis on small business development, entrepreneurship, energy conservation, job retention and productivity enhancement efforts, and smart growth.

  • education and workforce development
    We fund programs that develop technically skilled people for existing and potential jobs.

  • environmental leadership and stewardship
    We support programs that promote environmental education, alternative and renewable energy, and environmental conservation projects, as well as those that protect or improve the environment and preserve natural habitats.
  • Community Investment grants are not provided to:

  • Individuals (for example, school events, conferences, and travel)
  • Corporations that do not qualify as charitable organizations as defined by the Internal Revenue Code
  • Projects benefiting limited groups (religious, fraternal, political)
  • Private foundations or endowments
  • Reducing or eliminating a pre-existing debt
  • Athletic outings
  • Organizations located outside the areas we serve and whose services do not benefit our customers.
  • Advertising
  • Generally speaking, Community Investment grants are not provided to organizations that receive direct support from United Way, combined health charities, or other federated funds. We support these umbrella agencies through a corporate contribution.