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Transmission Enhancements for Electric Reliability

The infrastructure delivering the electricity you use every day is a complex and intricate system. Private companies now generate the electricity you use. The electricity is then transported efficiently at high voltages across transmission lines to our WMECo substations. There, the electricity is transformed to a lower voltage and delivered over WMECo distribution lines direct to your home or business. A strong delivery system is vital to our region's safety, security and economic prosperity. It ensures that power will keep flowing to where you need it, when you need it. Today's lifestyle, technology and high-performance products are driving energy demand to new levels and placing an increasing strain on the local electric delivery infrastructure.

We offer our customers valuable energy efficiency programs to reduce energy consumption yet, despite our mutual efforts, customer demand for electricity continues to increase. It is outstripping the capacity of the delivery system during peak conditions (summer heat waves and winter lows) and threatening the system's reliability. Technology and lifestyles continue to evolve, and customer demand is projected to further increase. As your service provider, we need to upgrade the electric system to keep pace with demand, minimize the risk of outages and keep pace with the changing needs of our customers.

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