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For Business

We understand that requesting service can sometimes be confusing and time-consuming. We've made these requests simple and easy to use with references and resources to help you along the way. Your contractor can also complete a request on your behalf.

  • Building or Remodeling? - Create a request to install or upgrade electrical service or to track the status of an existing request. For your safety, homeowners and occupants of a single-family residence must follow the Homeowner's Guidelines when requesting a new or upgraded service.
  • Siding or Painting? - If you are working near electric lines around your home, for your safety we will install or remove electrical protective covering on the lines.
  • Track Requests - Display the status of your requests.
  • Streetlight Repair - Report a streetlight or private outdoor rental light that is out or malfunctioning, and track the status of its repair.
  • Tree Trimming - Requesting tree trimming work or comment on the tree work performed on your property. Read our FAQs to understand why and when we trim.
  • References & Resources