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Massachusetts offers a business-friendly economic climate which encourages investment, spurs innovation, rewards job creation, supports infrastructure improvements and attracts new business.
  • Ranked 32 in the nation for its state tax burden
  • Tax credits for property investments
  • Reduced tax burden for manufacturers through Single Sales Factor
  • State and local incentives for economic development
  • Tax credits to support research and development
  • Incentive payments for job creation
  • Tax-exempt financing for manufacturers
  • Hiring and training grants
  • Grants to revitalize distressed areas and renovate abandoned buildings
  • Brownsfield financing
  • Bond financing programs
  • Equipment/lease purchase program
  • Financing to enhance export activities
  • Venture capital
To find out how you can take advantage of these incentives, contact our Economic and Community Development Team by email or by phone at (413) 787-9333. We can help.